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About us

About us

Transforming Spaces Elevating Lives

SECTORS CONSTRUCTION is an established contractor that provides a wide range of internal finishing, fit-out & MEP services across the Middle East & Africa. Supported by years of in-house expertise, SECTORS adopts a professional and fully comprehensive approach to planning, execution, executing, and project management. 

At SECTORS, we believe in maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness without compromising quality. Our team’s expansive knowledge of capacity, engineering capabilities, internal resource MEP, and CIMU is paired with our multiple ISO certifications (9001, 14001, 45001) to ensure top-notch quality in each of our projects. 

Ultimately, our top priority is meeting client needs and exceeding expectations. This dedicated commitment is visible in every aspect of our work, showcasing an expanding portfolio of successful projects across industries such as Administration, Hospitality, Medicine, Recreation, and Retail.

About us


Distinguishing ourselves as one of the leading Fit-Out contractors in the Middle East and Africa through our focus on quality, integrity, and client satisfaction.


Core Features Of Our Company

About us


Our approach focuses on maintaining high quality standards  across every stage of our involvement.

About us


We believe that the key to  becoming a market leader is investing heavily in our management and team members. Our strategy involves not only developing the knowledge and skills of our current team, but also creating an atmosphere of teaching and training that will preserve these talents for generations to come. 

About us


Our track record speaks for itself. Along with maintaining high levels of quality and client satisfaction across our previous and current projects, we have no prior history of litigation or arbitration.

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We promote reliability by prioritizing honesty and open communication across each step of the completion process. 

About us


We are always striving for new ways to stand out  and create  a positive impact, while developing flexible approaches towards problem-solving.

About us


We are fully dedicated to coordinating closely with our clients so that our services exceed their expectations.